Our monthly tournaments offer a variety of formats.

Standard Singles Tournament
Our standard singles tournaments make up the majority of our schedule. These tournaments start with 5 games of qualifying across 5 pairs of lanes. The top 1/3 of the field will cash, with a maximum of 24 bowlers moving to 5 games of matchplay semi-finals. Matchplay begins without any carryover of pins – all semi-finalists will start from 0. The first game will match the top qualifier against the lowest qualifier, with the second high qualifier vs the second lowest qualifier and so on (1 vs 24, 2 vs 23, etc…). There will be 30 bonus pins awarded to the winner of each match. After game one of matchplay, each subsequent game of matchplay will be a position round with the top bowler bowling 2nd place, 3rd vs 4th, etc… at the conclusion of the five games of matchplay, the top five bowlers will advance to a stepladder finals to determine the tournament champion. Game 1 will be a 3 bowler match with the 3rd, 4th, & 5th bowlers bowling 1 game, with the highest score advancing to bowl the 2nd qualifier. The winner of the second match will bowl the #1 seed for the championship.

Champion / Non-champion Doubles

This tournament format is one of our most popular of the year, with strong turnouts each season. This tournament is a doubles tournament where one bowler on each team must be a non-champion. A non-champion is defined as a bowler who has never won a SOAS / SOBA event, any PBA, OBA, or NWST tournament. This tournament follows the same type of format as the standard singles tournament, with each doubles team bowling 5 games of qualifying across 5 pairs of lanes. Top 1/3 of the field will cash, with the cut into matchplay being an even number of doubles teams (maximum of 16 teams). Matchplay follows the same as standard singles – no carryover, high vs low in game 1, position round games 2 through 5. 20 bonus pins are awarded for each individual matchplay win and 20 bonus pins for each team total win. Top 4 teams will make the stepladder finals, with #4 vs #3, winner vs #2, with that winner vs #1 seed for championship.

Draft Doubles

This has been a popular format in seasons past and will be returning on this year’s schedule. This tournament has the standard singles qualifying format – 5 games across 5 pairs of lanes. Cash 1 in 3, with cutting to a 20 or 24 bowlers (depending on # of entries). The semi-finalists will then be split into two groups. The top half of the semi-finalists will draft their doubles partners from the bottom half of the semi-finalist qualifiers. The top qualifier gets first choice, the second high qualifier gets second choice, and so on. The matchplay semifinals will follow the same format as the Champion / Non-champion doubles tournament. 20 bonus pins for each individual win, with 20 bonus pins for each team win. Game 1 matchups will be determined by qualifying standings, with games 2 through 5 being position round. Top 4 teams will make the stepladder. Stepladder finals will be baker format, with each bowler alternating frames. #4 seed vs #3 seed, winner vs #2 seed, winner vs high qualifying team for championship.

Matchplay Bracket Finals

This singles format tournament starts with standard qualifying – 5 games across 5 pairs of lanes. Top 1/3 of the field will cash, with a maximum of 24 bowlers moving on to a single elimination matchplay bracket. Top 8 bowlers will receive a bye in Round 1. 9th through 24th qualifying bowlers will feature 2 game matches, total pins. #9 vs #24, #10 vs #23, #11 vs #22, and so on. Winners will advance to round 2. Round 2 will have the the top 8 bowlers bowl 2 game matches against the 8 winners of Round 1. #1 seed vs winner of #16 vs #17, #2 seed vs winner of #15 vs #18, etc… 8 winners will advance to Round 3. Round 3 will have the 8 winners bowl 2 game matches to determine final four bowlers. Semi-finals and Finals are 1 game matches.